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A thoroughly crafted narrative connects with people’s hearts and minds. We reach and entice your audiences by telling your story in a relatable way. Our insight and unique knowledge of the Nordic market will get you even closer to your target audience.


We offer:
• Storytelling – content (text/photo/video) that inspires and engages
• Native advertising – we’ll make your audience find you and your product
• Content marketing – your story in an editorial language
• Social media – we know how to get your message across
• Sosiale medier – vi når ut med ditt budskap
• Newsletter – inspirational content directly to you clients’ mailbox
• CRM – we help you service your clients
• SEO – we help you become Google's favourite
• PR – we help you create a positive and engaging buzz for your business

Your partner
In our creative workshops we use analytical and editorial methods to single out your core values and products – and what makes it stand out. We provide you with concrete suggestions for optimisation of your communication and market efforts so you – in the most efficient way – are able to reach old and new clients.

Your storyteller
If you need more support – look no further. We’ll come to your aid wherever you are. With our approach to engaging storytelling, we will make your destination or enterprise come alive. We offer tailormade operational services within content marketing and spread content in all relevant channels across all platforms.

This is how we work:

• Photography/videography • Storytelling through portraiture • Optimalisation and revision of existing website(s) • Content marketing and publishing on social media • Creating relevant webinars

In short – we are in your corner until you’ve reached your full potential!



Client: German National Tourist Board

We travelled to three different areas of Germany to showcase breathtaking destinations. Good storytelling starts with first hand experience


German Riviera - Get comfy in classic wicker chairs on white, sandy beaches in the Bay of Lübeck. The pearl of the Baltic Sea, and a refreshing alternative to the Mediterranean.

Saxony – Follow in Cinderella’s footsteps through the incredible Moritzburg Castle, or explore the little, big city Dresden. We’re exploring by train, as you don’t need a car in this part of Germany.

Vintur til Frankfurt – Ride the rails from Frankfurt to Rheingau – a true mecca for delicious Riesling wines.

Client: Spanish National Tourist Board

Gran Canaria wanted a convincing campaign showing off other aspects than the island’s sunshine and beaches. We explored high and low, and made sure to spread the word through engaging pictures and texts targeting an adventurous audience.


Vi produserte contentartikler for Kamille og Norsk Ukeblad.

Secret Gran Canaria – There are still places on the island unsullied by socks-and-sandal-wearing tourists.

Girls trip to Gran Canaria, yes please! – Indulge in wine tasting, hiking, shopping, surfing, and roasting your own coffee beans. And let’s not forget to feed Instagram with a spectacular shot from Cow Canyon.

10 great activities in Gran Canaria – Did you think you knew the island under the sun? Think again!


Frederik Finnes

Partner and general manager

Frederik Finnes has a degree from Stirling University in Scotland and started off as a news and travel journalist over 20 years ago. Since 2010 he has taken part in establishing two international communications and marketing agencies in Norway, assisting many destinations and travel businesses across Europe.

Being a globetrotter with a thorough understanding of the travel industry, Frederik knows how to draw attention to destinations, and trigger travellers with engaging content inn different channels.

Vibeke Montero

web icon
Partner and content consultant

Vibeke Montero has travelled the world during the past 20 years on behalf of Norwegian publications such as VG, Aftenposten, Tara, Kamille and Hjemmet. She also makes frequent appearances as a travel expert on the breakfast show on TV2. She has a degree in photography from Falmouth University in England.

Vibeke is the founder of the online travel magazine Borte Best, where social media plays an integral part. She has a deep understanding of how to engage the traveller’s heart.

Bjørn Moholdt

web icon
Partner and content consultant

Bjørn has 20 years’ experience as a professional travel writer- and photographer. He was editor-in-chief in Reiser & ferie for eight years, at the time Norway’s leading travel magazine. Since then, he has travelled the world for prestigious publications such as VG, Dagbladet, Vi Menn and ABC Nyheter, to mention but a few. He is also a former editor-in-chief for the industry magazine Travel News, as well as the travel magazine Reis.

Today Bjørn is in charge of the online travel magazine Way2Go, where he inspires his readers with the latest travel news, as well as hosting a popular podcast dedicated to travel.


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Frederik - Partner and general manager
Bjørn - Partner and communications manager
Vibeke - Partner and content consultant

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